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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 27, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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shrinking news rooms and competition from the internet and high stress to meet short deadlines. that is a wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. we'll see you again next week. >> heather: hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. outrage from delayed airline passengers leading to quick action in washington. is this a one time deal or is washington willing to address other sequester cuts that have frustrated americans? >> heather: plus a hospital landing in hot water what it is accused of doing to patients. >> we have a heart and it hurts.
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>> gregg: fallout for the boston marathon bombings. did a trust deficit with russia cloud our intelligence committee? a response to warnings about one of the accused bombers. >> heather: we begin with a fox news alert and new arrest in the string of ricin laced letters. arresting 41-year-old everett dugs ky. he was taken into custody at his home overnight. his arrest comes days after criminal charges were dropped on tuesday. that was against another mississippi man. we will have the latest in a full report just minutes away. gregg? >> gregg: well let's get to the good news first. really, it's all you air travelers out there. faa has suspended all employee furloughs and system will be
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back at full strength by tomorrow night. even after congress voted to approve a bill that would ease flight delays caused by automatic spending cuts, the blame game between democrats and republicans is, of course, in full swing. following it all, molly henneberg live in washington. >> molly: president obama has not signed the legislation yet. there is technical glitch that the senate needs to fix next week. federal aviation administration already is moving some money around to end furloughs. they said in a statement, quote, air traffic facilities will return to regular staffing levels over the next 24 hours and the system will resume normal operations by sunday evening. president obama contends that republicans are just now realizing that the sequester was a, quote, bad idea all along and he says this new legislation is just a temporary fix since other sequester cuts are pending. >> we can't just keep putting band-aids on every cut.
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not a responsible way to governor govern is there is only way to fix the sequester. by replacing it before it causes further damage. >> reporter: house republicans have passed two bills that would replace the sequester cuts but they haven't gone anywhere in the senate. chairman of the transportation committee says the obama claimed that it's quote hands were tied regarding the long flight delays while the faa could have cut spending elsewhere. >> there are some in the obama administration thought that inflicting pain on the public would give the president leverage to impose more tax hikes on the american people. >> molly: so this comes back to a budget battle and a battle over taxes. to turn off the sequester, president obama wants a budget with more tax increases to go along with spending cuts. republicans say they want to turn off the sequester as well but insists the president got his tax hike at the beginning of the year and they won't go along
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with anymore. >> gregg: molly, thanks. >> heather: we have more on one of our top stories for you now. a new arrest in the ricin mail attack that targeted president obama and others. they are reporting that 41-year-old everett dusky is now facing charges of attempting to use biological weapons. elizabeth prann has the latest from washington. >> authorities searching the home and former business of 41-year-old everett dusky this week. he is now in custody. they arrested the martial arts instructor without incident in tupelo, mississippi. authorities say this arrest is in connection with the ricin laced letter sent to president obama, senator roger wicker and a mississippi judge. we have heard no response from his attorney bus they said he has no involvement. he denies any wrongdoing.
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this is him before his arrest. >> simply blows my mind that the anti-governmental schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me in his fantasy world who is a patriotic american. >> as we learn of an ongoing feud between him and previously arrested paul curtis. he was taken in earlier in the investigation. later the charges which involve placing threats in the mail were dropped. his name first surfaced in federal court when his attorney suggested that her client may have been framed. as you remember, the letters was addressed were retrieved and flagged at off-site mail facilities before ever reaching their intended victims. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: as investigators
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continue to push ahead in the boston bombings case trying to piece together dozens of details in the united states and abroad, we are now hearing from the chopper crew that played a vital role in capturing the 19-year-old suspect. they say they used a infrared camera to spot the suspect who was hiding underneath a tarp in a dry dock boat. take a listen. >> spent a lot of time chasing different leads that possibly could materialize. that was, people saying they saw a subject that matched the description. basically in the middle of the boat he was looking up with his hands like that. it was a perfect silhouette of a human being. we were small cog in a huge wheel. >> gregg: rick? >> this is the first saturday that bolston street has been fully open with a long line of people who are waiting to view
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the memorial that has been set up on metal barricades including cards and notes and flowers. there are musicians here in the square brought in by the city to entertain the crowd to send a message that boston is strong and never forgetting what happened. dzhokar tsarnaev has a new home. he was moved from his hospital room to the federal medical center at fort devins. he is under heavy guard. officials aren't saying whether he is being cooperative. fox news has confirmed two of the young men who potioned for a picture with him in times square are now in custody. they were arrested on april 20th five days after the bombing because of problems with student visas and being questioned to see if they had any knowledge of the bombing. they are supporting a youth choir concert and supporting one fund that designed to promote
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peace and honor the marathon families. >> gregg: rick, thanks very much. >> heather: some series new questions about the way our u.s. intelligence community handled boston's bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev and whether warnings were missed in the leadup to the attack because of a possible trust deficit with russian counterparts. a former c.i.a. analyst and managing editor of a website. thank you for joining us. i wanted to ask you from your perspective. as a former senior c.i.a. analyst. i want you to take a look at the director of national intelligence james clapper had to say. he said, quote, you know whenever the russians say anything about arms control issues, we're very suspicious. you know that we're supposed to trust and verify and not accept what the russians say, but in this case we accept it whatever
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they say without question. so from your perspective, what is the relationship in terms of sharing intelligence between the united states and russia? >> the relationship is complicated and difficult. we know that the russians in the past have listed people on terror lists that were not terrorists for political reasons. concerning the boston marathon bombers, they gave us a good tip. in this instance it was the united states that is probably guilty of intelligence failures. it was not the russians that did something wrong. >> heather: do you think that that the allegedly lack of trust with russia is what called the intelligence failure on our behalf? >> i think the last lack of trust probably affected how the f.b.i. deal with the intelligence tip, but there is so many other elements related. the f.b.i. apparently did not notify the c.i.a. of the initial investigation. it did not tell the boston
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fusion center which is responsible for protecting against terrorist threats in boston. we are seeing so many things where intelligence agencies did not communicate, it's wrong for officials to try to put the blame on the russians. >> heather: i want to talk about the time line. looking at it after the fact, it really does seem like the dots were not connected because the f.b.i. this morning admitted they interviewed tamerlan between march and june in 2011 at the request of russia. then at the request of rush sla the c.i.a. in september of 2011 put tamerlan put him on a terror watch list. that was set up after 9/11 to coordinate different databases. what does it take first of all to get on that watch listed from the c.i.a. and why did the dots not connect. does it show a failure in the initiatives we have taken
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post-9/11? >> it's very easy to get on that list. there is almost 700,000 individuals on it which i think represents a separate problem. we have the issue of individuals who could be terrorists coming in and out of the country. homeland security department know about this and f.b.i. did not when he came back to united states after six months in russia, no one knew about it. explanation being bandied about his name may have been misspelled but leaving and entering thet should have been a red flag that would have required him to be interviewed and maybe surveillance conducted of him after he returned to the united states. >> heather: one of the things clapper touched on the bigger issue is what extent do you want the government to monitor people's behavior. to infringe on your civil liberties. i have to say when you or a terror watch list, on a separate terrorist screen database, you have been red flagged by another
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country, not once but twice and letting the c.i.a. know, do we really care about civil liberties for this person? >> i think there is two intelligence failures. first of all the intelligence community is too large and second one, i think it has to go over the controversy of bush administration to purchase see terrorist suspects, there has been a chilling effect on u.s. intelligence agencies to use all the tools available to them because they are worried about being prosecuted are held before congress or losing their job. i have met with intelligence directors who have told me in certain instances, even with foreigners in foreign countries, it's too risky for them to use the tools available to go after the guys. >> heather: too risky and you end up with four people dead and almost 200 injured and maimed. we appreciate you joining us. >> gregg: let's talk about fox extreme weather. major flooding across parts of
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midwest today in eastern missouri, a massive breach discovered in a levee. firefighters are informing residents in potentially dangerous situation. evacuations are voluntary but that could change at a moment's notice. meteorologist janice dean is live. >> unfortunately we are going dealing with flooding risk not only this weekend but into next week and throughout much of the spring as we have a lot of rapid snow melt with record breaking snow. more rain moving over these vulnerable areas across the mississippi river valley in towards the tennessee river valley and mid-atlantic region. flash flood watches and warnings posted but rick for severe weather, including hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes across a wide section here from the big bend of texas all the way towards memphis, tennessee. we'll continue to monitor the
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threat for severe weather and ongoing risk is going to be the flooding as we head throughout this weekend and early next week. flash flood warnings for all these tri-by tears that feed into the mississippi -- tributaries. we are also watching the red river in fargo where we are dealing with rapid snow melt and temperatures on the rise. so the red river is forecast to crest at 38 feet which is near record level. we'll be monitoring that and look where we still have the snow melt. in some cases, over a foot of snow. those rapidly rising temperatures is going to cause some problems and the swelling rivers. now, on the flip side of things, it feels like summertime across the southwest. look at these temperatures. hundred degrees on sunday for phoenix, 102 on monday. back to you. >> gregg: 102? yesterday i meant a family from aspen, colorado, they showed me on their cellphone pictures of
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their snowy backyard. mountains of snow. >> i know. >> gregg: all right. >> two extremes. >> gregg: i'll take the hot weather. >> heather: we want to jump from spring straight into summer. we want a little respite. >> gregg: i'm happy. it has all the pollen and my poor children are suffering. >> heather: you are from cal. coming up a member of the kennedy family makes for a new bid for freedom after spending years in prison. michael skakel he is heading back to court. our legal panel will weigh in. >> gregg: big changes in young americans. a surge in student loan debt is negatively affecting the u.s. economy. >> heather: mounting evidence of chemical weapon attacks in syria. mean the u.s. will get more involved in the conflict?
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>> obama became a pal. he was skeptical of me and was frankly skeptical of him. we became pals because we shared a common desire to help others. obama is the real deal. >> through this institute, as a new grandfather, what is the world that you hope to help continue to build. >> i hope that little me will have a who i got to hug last week obviously grows up in a world that peaceful. it talks about history and talks about how to make decisions but also is hopefully an inspiration for somebody growing up and make their community a better place. i hope she grows up and i think she will. the country will be still a generous country. >> up close with 43, president
12:21 pm
george w. bush, sunday at 9:00 p.m. new numbers, raising concerns that student debt is impacting the overall american economy. the number of people student debt buying homes has been plummeting. that despite statistically having higher earning potential. similar trend coming to buying automobiles. dominic is president of diversified financial company. you have seen the last decade the number of people with student loans almost doubled. when you have that many people they have to spend their fairly low income because they are just out of college servicing their debt every month, they are not able to use much money left over to buy consumer goods and
12:22 pm
services which really hurts economic growth? >> let's put in this context. if we take the entire amount of credit card for the entire country, $800 billion. that is the entire country. student debt, 1 trillion dollars. our kids actually owe more money on student loans than the entire credit card bill for the entire bill for the country. staggering. >> gregg: the other things when you have students with this much in terms of loans, they can't get any loan. they can't get a loan for a mortgage. they can't get a thrown buy an automobile. so those two industries are getting killed here. >> we have over 40% of kids under 25 years old with some kind of debt, 18% of them have between $25-50,000 of debt. 4%, over a hundred grand. at the end of the day to
12:23 pm
graduate maybe they get a job. the unemployment rate for grads is pretty good, 8.8% but now a loan bill that could exceed a car payment. how can they afford to buy a car. you think about the economic pipeline getting married, buying their first house, everything gets put on hold. >> gregg: we did a documentary at fox news. we met all kinds of people including a yong woman that amassed more than $200,000 at university of chicago. her goal is to be a social worker. you can't amass almost a quarter million in debt if you are going to be making the money that social workers make. so bad advice along the way. >> somebody gave her that $200,000 loan. think about what happened with the housing crisis. government got involved. it's great for everybody to buy a house, free money, easy money, low interest rates, isn't it wonderful for the economy. the same argument applies to
12:24 pm
student loans. give them loans and make them easy. higher education it's great for everybody and great, but the problem is kids, parents are borrowing money that there is no way they can pay the money back. >> gregg: nearly four years since the recession ended and economic growth is really pretty awful compared to what it should have been when you look at past recessions. we just got the new numbers out, 2.35%. it was supposed to be over 3%. projected by 3.5. second quarter, experts are expecting an abysmal 1%. >> the economic impact of the budget cuts, sequester, income taxes and payroll taxes could take 1.5% away from the g.d.p. >> so sequestration is having an effect. they call this the spring swoon because it seems -- i don't want
12:25 pm
to use the word cyclical but it happens same time every spring. bad numbers. >> there seems to be no correlation but we had it in 2011 and 2012. it looks like it's going to happen in 2013. it's coincidence maybe, but we have europe that is in dire straits. we all know that. chinese economic growth is really slow. major exported markets for us, political uncertainty in this country, i don't blame this one on student loans and kids not being able to get into the economic pipeline but it's going to be hard to believe we're going to see nothing but a swoon in the springtime. >> gregg: i fumbled your last name. dominic, tavella. thanks very much. >> heather: f.b.i. agents making a new arrest in connection with thein laced letters sent to
12:26 pm
president obama and others. we will tell you who the new suspect is coming up. >> gregg: congress is putting an end to air traffic control furloughs at airports all over the country. what does this mean for you, for a broader deal to end board spending cuts. >> travelers are fed up. sequestration is bad policy the wrong way to reduce the deficit. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for the top of the news, new arrest to talk tel you about in ricin letter attack. 41-year-old everett dusky is facing charges of attempting to use a biological weapon.
12:31 pm
>> gregg: feds wrapping up a search at a landfill near a massachusetts college where dzhokar tsaas student. no word on what investigators were looking for what they may have recovered. >> heather: new york medical examiner's office resuming a search for human remains. two blocks from the world trade center site after the discovery of an airplane landing gear. >> gregg: there are some new questions about the obama administration's response to mounting evidence of chemical attacks in syria. the assad regime denies using any weapons like sarin gas against its own people, but during an oval office meeting with king abdullah, president obama called small scale chemical attacks a game changer. coner powell joins us from jerusalem. >> reporter: u.s. officials
12:32 pm
reluctantly acknowledged that the assad regime likely used chemical weapons in the fight against rebels and most likely sarin gas. there is a lot of conflicting information about who used them, where they were used and how much chemical weapons were used. both sides accused the other side of using chemicals weapons. they called it a boldfaced lie and saying that turkey supplied the rebels chemical weapons. the president said that the u.s. will take some type of action but he stopped short saying with a action would be taken if the syrian government did use chemical weapons. obama said on friday his administration would respond deliberately and prudently to this new information, essentially reducing expectations that the united states would intervene in syria anytime soon. as the world debates the use of
12:33 pm
chemical weapons, syrian rebels attacked an air base. raid follows several weeks of progress by pro-government forces and according to the united nations more than 70,000 people have been killed in the two-year long battle. they say the number will increase as the world debates about how to put and en to the fighting in the conflict. >> gregg: coner, thank you. >> heather: the house approving a plan to end faa furloughs just ahead of flying out of washington for a week long was set. the deal is expected to end massive delays at the nation's airport and awaits president obama's signature. he calls the measure no more than a band-aid. in the g.o.p. address, congressman says the sequester which calls for it in the first
12:34 pm
place needs to be scrapped. >> this episode is yet another demonstration why we need to replace the president's sequester with some more responsible cuts. the american people deserve better and leaders in washington have an obligation to respect your time and money. >> heather: so will this incident spark some kind of sequester reform, so to speak. susan is chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. thanks for joining us. do you think it sets up a possibility for a broader deal for reform? >> i actually think what is going to happen we're going to see skirmishes like the one last week over the faa continue to play out as we get to other programs people consider important that may end up being cut because of sequester. we got head starts, meals on wheels, cancer research all things the american public might consider a priority but it's
12:35 pm
being cut because the sequester is being used uniformly. republicans want to make it so this flexibility within the agencies so they can make cuts that don't affect people. getting rid of wasteful spending. we've seen talk about that. i think the democrats like the leverage that that brings because the public needs those programs. that can help put them pressure on republicans to go there way, but raise taxes and mixture of tax and cuts. republicans or holding their ground on this. to go forward will they hold their ground or be somebody giving in? >> heather: just sticking with what happened with the faa is the this a loss for democrats? >> i consider it, not necessarily a loss for democrats, but definitely a win for republicans because they did not have to go for tax increases.
12:36 pm
in some ways they got the democrats to give in by giving agency flexibility. i don't know if it hurt the democrats because we stopped the delays at the airport and we're still making cuts that will somehow help our massive deficit and debt. that is win for both parties. moving forward it's not clear over whether they will do this again for other agencies. i think that is where we're headed right now. we're going to do it a piecemeal approach dealing with agency cuts. i don't think for democrats it's not necessarily bad thing for them. >> heather: give them all a little more flexibility. i saw an article an opinion piece in the "l.a. times" written by paul whitefield. he said that is how you get congress to spend money, you cramp their vacation plans. it was interesting that they were all leaving for this one-week furlough, this week recess. they'll take to the airports and head home to their families on time as a result of what they've done in washington.
12:37 pm
you were talking about all of the other issues, the army. they said they will lose 100,000 soldiers over the next ten years if the sequestration holding in place. meals on wheels, seniors will get 19 million fewer meals. do you think what you saying will hold true when they do return and go piece by piece through this and give all these different agencies flexibility? >> that is a great question. i think it's going to depend on the week is can iest wheel here. the meals and wheels and did you go -- squeakyest wheel. ain't thing that was different case because so many public standing in line. you had the visual there. you had congress, they need to get in and out of congress. their airports need to be functioning properly. i think these other issues, more
12:38 pm
attention getting issues will certainly be on the table for this special kind of treatment where you get the interagency flexibility. you are right. none of it looks good on camera people standing in line at an airport. the other issues will be very important. head start as we get toward the september and military people care about our national security that is why i think we'll see the flexibility given to these agencies on a case by case basis. >> heather: thank you susan, we appreciate it. >> gregg: a convicted killer, michael skakel is claiming he was wrongly convicted of fatally beating his neighbor back in 1975. wait until you hear why he deserves a new trial. i have copd. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe
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♪ ♪ >> gregg: new developments in a sensational murder case that rocked the nation. kennedy cousin michael skakel was convicted in 2002 for fatally beating a teenage neighbor way back in 1975. it was a really old case to begin with. a they were bludgeoned by a golf club. the case went unsolved for decade. now he is asking for a new trial claiming that the trial was not competent. a charge that sherman vigorously denies. let's bring in david schwartz and former prosecutor faith jenkins. talk to us about the legal standard that skakel must achieve to get a new trial? >> it's not going to be easy. you can't come in and argue on
12:44 pm
appeal aide bad lawyer so i get a new trial. you have to show the lawyer that his actions fell below the professional standard for lawyers and how to conduct themselves during trial. it's not easy. judges do need to defer to lawyers' expertise in the strategy they choose to use in trials in how they defend witnesses. it's not easy. >> gregg: full disclosure, i have known him for 20 years and he a terrific lawyer. i have seen him in action. >> he a friend of mine also. i think he a terrific lawyer. he certainly passionately defended michael skakel. his son was involved with the case, as well. the standard, high bar here. i don't even think we're close. we're not even close. he passionately defended michael skakel. he claims he was goofing around with the press. deep down inside he a like every
12:45 pm
other trial attorney he was nauseous during the trial. >> gregg: the material accusations is that he failed to investigate another possible suspect. he failed to track down an alibi witness for his client. he failed to track down other witnesses who could rebut the alleged confession by michael skakel that when he was reform school up in maine. >> those are skakel's best arguments, you can't argue my lawyer was a deficient. you have to show there was some kind of prejudice. something they did or did not do affected the outcome of the case. >> gregg: failure would have done these things would have resulted in in not guilty outcome. >> here is the thing. so that is why skakel's best argument is to be able to produce a witness and say, this is the witness that i want sherman to find and he did not find him.
12:46 pm
he didn't do enough to find him and as are ultimate i been convicted. >> gregg: almost as if he has to prove actual innocence. >> that is standard also. that is what i would try to prove. it's not counsel. counsel isn't obligated to find every possibility out there. there is a new with it. it's called newly discovered evidence. if that witness goes toward newly discovered evidence, that could go towards it. >> gregg: one of guys that so-called newly discovered or failed to be discovered properly in an investigative way is a guy that invoked fifth amendment privilege. he is not talking. >> he is not talking. you have to have the evidence and have the affidavits. >> gregg: here is what troubled me. there was never any dna evidence and there was dna tests that
12:47 pm
points skakel at the scene of the crime. there was never any other physical evidence. the chief witness against him was this most nefarious heroin addict who literally died before trial so they used a document, his preliminary hearing testimony in which he admitted on cross-examination he was high while he was giving the testimony. ir mean, that is the worst kind of evidence. i was shocked that the judge allowed it. >> here is why skakel was convicted. he was convicted because of his own words. >> gregg: allegedly. >> allegedly what he told people over the years about his involvement in this crime. you are right. in terms of physical evidence in this day and age, people are looking for dna, fingerprints and videotapes to convict anyone right now. look at the trials that are never endingecause juries want to have physical evidence.
12:48 pm
>> gregg: speaking of dead witnesses, there was another one that hurt skakel in the following way. he was founder of the reform school up in maine who was prepared to take the witness stand, this kid never confessed. i was there during the so-called psychology sessions in which he allegedly did it. all the people in reform school are nefarious and untrust at this witnesses? >> and the problem was the jurors showed who they wanted to believe. skakel did not testify on his own behalf. that is another big issue here. >> gregg: a wonderful woman, the mother sat in first row every single day. i think that had an impact. >> sympathy always has an impact. i think the jury convicted in a lot of ways on sympathy for the family. that is wrong.
12:49 pm
>> gregg: mickey sherman defended his actions as a lawyer. we'll wait to see what happens, i still believe absolutely in the innocence of michael skakel. having sat through some of the trial and prelim, she probably right. all right. good to see you both. >> heather: gregg, still to come a federal crackdown amid allegations that hospital patients are being improperly discharged and bussed out of the state. a live report on where this is happening coming up zbleeg. >> gregg: and it is never too late to honor those that keep us safe. the amazing story of a world war ii veteran finally getting the recognition he deserves. >> i told them not to worry about the ribbons and medals.
12:50 pm
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♪ ♪ >> heather: the feds are investigating a nevada psychiatric hospital after reports the facility improperly discharged patients and bussed them out of the state. dominic is live in the los angeles bureau with details. >> reporter: look, here is what happened in one case. a man was let go from the
12:54 pm
psychiatric hospital in las vegas, given a one-way ticket to sacramento in a greyhound bus and sent on his way. when he turned up he was confused and scared. his meds were gone. he didn't have a dime on him and no clue why he was taken to california. authorities are outraged the way the pains are being treated. >> a bus with a couple of cans and peanut butter crackers to get you through the day and dumped off on the streets. that is not acceptable. that is ridiculous. it's inhumane. >> reporter: not surprisingly the governor has slammed the hospital improperly discharging one patient, quote, is one patient too many. it's not the state policy to engage in patient dumping. los angeles city attorneys are investigating how it was allowed to happen. >> that is near trafficking in human lives.
12:55 pm
you have to ask yourself why do hospitals put patients on a bus and relocate them to another state -- why would you do that? >> reporter: and the sidewalk by the looks at it. one reported says its one-way ticket for 1500 discharged psychiatric patients sending them to some places they didn't know single soul. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: a world war ii veteran is finally being recognized for his service. 91-year-old walter zabinski receiving his medals 70 years after the war. he enlisted in the navy after the pearl harbor attack. he was 21 at the time. the navy heard about the oversight and made sure that he
12:56 pm
got his medals. good for the navy stepping up. >> apparently in large part to his wife you are see there in the video. >> gregg: good for her death. >> there she is. >> gregg: that is going to do it for us. cavuto on business is coming up next. if you want to check out some of the white house correspondents dinner, an expanded with judge jeanine. >> heather: we'll see you back at 4:00 p.m. i'm filling in harris faulkner who is at correspondents dinner. >> we'll see you in three hours. have a great weekend everybody. bye-bye. for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians.
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>>. >> neil: well, did this group of two already derailed this gang. glad to have you, i'm neil cavuto. immigration reform plan that looked ready to roll now just looking like it might get rolled. senate judiciary committee will start marking up a bill in less than two weeks. lawmakers are saying because of boston, maybe we need to stop things period. this coming as the house gets ready to roll out a series of immigration plans on its own, first won't touch border security at all. if d.c. can't get it together on keeping us safer, is anyone safe? to